About Us

Insipio AB

Web based reading and writing tools

Early on, we realised that web-based reading and writing tools are the easiest and most convenient for our clients and users. The feedback and requests from them, push us to innovate and improve.



Insipio started out as an idea in 2002. It was ambitious, but with the growth of the internet, the idea became reality. Soon after, we developed TextIT for people with a need for reading and writing tools.



We have several hundred customers in Sweden and internationally, spanning from municipalities, governments, associations, organizations and companies. Our product range has grown and will expand for the future.


Future projects

We always keep our eyes open for new possibilities and needs with our customers. Our systems are long-due for an overhaul and we're making it better every day. ReadIT and TextIT are our main focus for improvements and will see many future updates. We're always open minded for new opportunities.

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  • Address: Insipio AB
    Ågatan 4 374 36 Karlshamn Sweden
  • Email: info@insipio.com
  • Telephone: +46 (0) 721 72 56 98