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Web based reading and writing tools.

Early on, we realized that web based reading and writing tools are the future. The new technology, the Internet, and the customers’ ever increasing demands and wishes for customization makes it possible for new services to develop.
We constantly try to be innovative in the way we develop our services to saturate the demands that exist. The new development has led to customers choosing subscription based services rather than installed programs, giving them independent access to these services on any platform.

  • In 2004, we started out with SpeakIT, speech for websites. Today, we have several hundred customers in Sweden and internationally where municipalities, governments, associations, organizations and companies are included.
    Soon after, we developed TextIT for people with a need for writing and reading tools.
  • Insipio is run by people with a high level of competence of reading and writing tools and whom have long worked within accessibility technology, IT and telecommunications. Insipio started out as an idea in 2002 and the company has since grown with our products. We were a little ahead of our time in this regard, but with the development of broadband and new technologies, many more see the benefits of our web based services.
  • The aim of Insipio is to always offer the market’s best and most innovative products to the most competitive prices. At Insipio we try to cater to our users and customers demands at all times while adapting our services to be able to offer the best service on the market of increased accessibility for digital text.

We offer writing and reading tools

SpeakIT and ReadIT are services that make it possible for all municipalities, governments, organizations and companies that have websites to increase the accessibility for their information. With SpeakIT, all users may have the websites read out loud directly from their PC, Mac or mobile device with the help of synthetic speech. Speech on websites exists in several variants depending on which technology is being used. The services are available in several different languages.

TextIT is a unique cloud service where the user may have any text read out loud directly from their PC, Mac, Chrome Book, tablet or smartphone. TextIT has different varieties depending on what demands need to be fulfilled. With TextIT Premium you have access to Swedish and English spell checking, Swedish word explanation and word prediction. The speech synthesis can read letters by name and sound in Swedish and Norwegian while writing. Words and sentences can also be read in all nine languages.

Try one of our services!

  • Send us your name and e-mail adress and tell us what you are interested in.
  • We will customize a fitting solution for you.
  • Evaluate the service for a month. You are always welcome to contact us if you need help.
  • If you like the service and would like to continue using it, we are happy to make you our customer. If you are not interested in the service, we thank you for your initial interest.

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